Hardware & Software

BlueCloud IT Solutions offer repairs and upgrades on all hardware components and devices as well as software upgrades and solutions. We advise the best possible combination of hardware & software to provide optimum results for your personal/business needs.

IT Support Solutions

BlueCloud IT Solutions offers remotely controlled assistance whereby we will adhere to any issues as soon as you need assistance. If the problem persists or is not possible to resolve remotely, we also offer Call Outs for Onsite Troubleshooting. We also provide secure manual onsite backups which will be done at intervals of your choice as well as methods to implement scheduled remote backups which will automatically backup your data at specified intervals.

Website creation & Management

We at BlueCloud IT Solutions offer creation and management of websites for individuals & businesses. We also provide domain registration and security of domain as well as hosting for your website and email services which we will set up with purchasing your website. Additional to website packages include implementation and management of E-Commerce store on website as well as management of all sales from website.


We offer set-up of a private network (LAN/WAN) for businesses amongst staff/clients for more efficiency by means of Shared Folders of information with security measures & levels of authorised access depending on types of sensitive information. We also offer WiFi solutions, switches and routing services.

Graphic Design

We offer creation of artworks and designs for Businesses and Individuals for banners, flyers, logos, business cards, billboards and other types of advertising purposes.